Fuzzy Dogs Media Productions

Fuzzy Dogs Productions, a division of Entourage Management LLC, is the “leaps and bounds” leader in production, syndication, management and marketing of your social and broadcast media message. Utilizing our vast network of media and syndication contacts around the world, we market your brand and your message to target audiences efficiently and affordably in the post Covid-19 era. With a lengthy track record of innovation and influence, we initiate, manage and publish your stories through every type of social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more, while also exposing your brand and message to national and global broadcast networks and social media platforms.


  • Originating, Producing, Managing and Distributing all social and broadcast media content with complete ROI and performance analysis.
  • Integration and/or Management of Marketing, Sales, Public Relation and Corporate Relations strategies.
  • Complete Public Relations Strategy and Management for live and virtual events, media training and media production.
  • Production of all virtual live streams (Original programming, corporate meetings, speaking engagements) via our exclusive HD Broadcast Quality, private and “unhackable” Master Control.
  • “Virtual Master Control” for live and recorded events with full video, audio, graphics and special effects support for both video and podcast production.
  • Production, hosting and management of educational programs and webcast series.
  • Specialties include Medical, Legal, Sports (Franchises and Individuals), Entertainment, Concerts, Financial, Political, Government Relations, Embassies, Think Tanks, Non-Profits.

At Fuzzy Dogs Productions, we trot out decades (in human years) of combined social and broadcast media experience to every client. As an outsource, we fit under every client’s budget by delivering results that provide more than a single employee, while at the same time seamlessly integrating with every established in-house team. Our experience and contact list throughout every social media platform and every broadcast entity brings a powerful revenue source to bear from the very first day. Entourage Media also provides the option for exclusivity in every client category.

No other social and broadcast media management agency provides turnkey operation from conception to guaranteed ROI.  

Tell your stories in compelling fashion.

Engage your audience across all media

Raise awareness and increase your ROI.

Never settle for second best.

2 Minute Read: No bones about it, we’re the best there is at what we do.

Ed Berliner

The Master Media Educator, Speaker, and Pack Leader


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MASTERING THE MEDIA | Learn the inner workings of the media & how to use it to your advantage
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A tax-deductible percentage of every contract and agreement is donated in the name of the organization to Ed’s favorite charities or a Regional/National charity of your choice.

Inspiration is all around us. Join Ed in seeking to inspire and help those in need.