Meet Ed Berliner

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Part of the Creative, Management and Production team responsible for 7 cable news and sports networks. Creative and supervisory management for 3 social media and broadcast media integration platforms. CEO of 3 National media production companies, serving thousands of clients and delivering every level of broadcast and social media. A social media pioneer responsible for elevating the footprint for a global broadcast organization. Member of multiple Board of Directors serving both corporate and non-profit organizations. Trusted advisor to the Embassy of Hungary, global ambassadors, and Washington D.C. based think tanks. Educating and entertaining conferences, conventions, corporations, individual C-Level clients, everything from high school athletic associations to high level politicians as a sought after Keynote and Guest Speaker.

Let’s not forget fur Daddy to Bailey the Beagle and Magnus the Norwegian Elkhound.

Ed Berliner has been a driving and original creation force in broadcast media programming & production, social media production and programming integration. broadcast journalism and Keynote speaking for organizations around the world for more than a quarter century. A multiple Emmy & Telly Award winner and nominee, Berliner’s career has focused on the creation of new media, programming & production, and bringing journalism to new standards.

 Quite simply, he has, and always remains, the man in motion.

Here’s a look and listen at highlights from Ed Berliner’s career.

More than 30 years as a broadcast journalist, thousands of media contacts and having interviewed more than 15,000 notable figures in news and sports to provide a “personal touch”, weaving his relationships and stories into every speaking appearance.

Berliner has authored numerous studies and opinion papers on the juxtaposition of broadcast and social media. He was at the forefront of integrating commentary and coverage on Facebook as part of his managerial and production duties at Comcast in the early days of the platform. He was part of the original team that integrated blogging and search engine optimization techniques into their nightly sports coverage as part of his hosted and Executive Produced programming. He later pioneered the use of social media analytics into the broadcast production services offered to clients. His company was the first in Florida to offer specific production for what is now known as “OTT” or “Over the Top” productions, which are dedicated for Internet distribution. He currently offers his social media knowledge as part of his overall production services and consultation. 

Coupled with his innovative consultant, training, education and speaking series, “Mastering the Media”, Berliner’s methods and expertise have long been the representation and educational choice for Fortune 500 companies around the world. He brings his deep knowledge of the inner workings of the media to foreign government embassy staffs, Ambassadors, political hopefuls and professionals, educational institutions, professional and collegiate athletes, corporate CEOs, major corporate human resource departments, medical professionals, legal professionals and those seeking how to present themselves as experts to the broadcast and social media world.

His vast political knowledge and ability to deftly navigate both National and International political coverage for his clients has made him the choice for media strategy among Embassy Row in Washington DC. Since 2000, Berliner has been a trusted source of media intelligence, media training, and media strategy for candidates, political action committees, think tanks, and organizations for every political Party.

Beginning his career as one of the youngest radio news anchors in South Florida broadcast history at WIOD Radio, Berliner has successfully crossed the boundaries between news and sports as Managing Editor, News Director, Sports Director, Executive Producer, On-air Talent, and broadcast media business owner.

Add to that a veteran radio talk host and reporter, no one brings a greater understanding of what it takes to succeed in front of and behind the cameras. In his career, Berliner has been part of the Management team in charge of the programming, marketing, creating, launching and producing 7 cable television networks and 2 national radio networks.

An original anchor and co-Executive Producer for the first all-sports cable network, “Sports News Network”. Lead anchor and Managing Editor for the “NewSport” cable network from its inception. Lead anchor and creative consultant for the FOX Sports “Rocky Mountain Sports Report”. Host, Managing Editor and Executive Producer at CN8, The Comcast Network.

As part of the management and editorial structure at the broadcast network and private business level, Berliner’s expertise reaches into much more than programming. Working with sales, marketing and public relations professionals while providing the resources for targeted marketing success has given him a unique insight into how to use the media to full advantage.  Berliner works with marketing and media productions professionals in the sports, news, documentary, medical, travel and entertainment field providing enhanced promotional packages for broadcast and the Internet, budget planning and media training.

Berliner has also joined forces with a vast array of TV networks, affiliates and production companies as Producer, Director, Production Manager and Coordinator for both TV and film program development.

One of his proudest achievements was in New England, part of the inception production and management team at CN8, The Comcast Network. Creating the first all-interview cable sports program in New England, “Sports Pulse” was the recipient of 31 Emmy nominations and 17 Emmy Awards in the first 3 years of existence, thanks in large part to his production and editorial leadership.

Berliner’s media marketing expertise focuses on the production of broadcast, Internet, and live appearance events using the media to a client’s full advantage. With his company providing video, film, audio, social media, digital platform and animation production services in North America, his understanding of how marketing, public relations and marketing intertwine has served many national and global clients.

In radio, Berliner has managed and performed with distinction at all levels of the industry. In Miami, Berliner was part of the original programming team that created and launched the first all-sports format in the region on WQAM-AM, while also hosting their first daily talk program. When WNWS-AM changed ownership and created an all-news format, Berliner was also part of the original production and management team while also serving as one of their lead anchors.

Making the jump to network radio, Berliner’s company “Sportsline Communications” created produced and syndicated the original “Fastest Show in Sports” format for 5 years on the Prime Radio Network. This 2 hour daily program featured an all-interview format with 8 original guests per day, 4 regional and 4 national. When moving to FOX Sports in Denver Colorado, Berliner moved his radio to KKZN-AM for a 3 year run as Executive Producer and Host.

Berliner is one of those rare individuals to excel at all facets of broadcasting. Reporting live with unique interviews and breaking news from events such as Presidential Inaugurations, the Super Bowl, the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, NASCAR, World Series, Stanley Cup Playoffs and numerous news events. First with source material garnered from hundreds of contacts around the nation and quoted by numerous news organizations. And a veteran of play-by-play in football, basketball, baseball, hockey, boxing, motorsports, tennis, golf, and even the rodeo.

Berliner has been affiliated with CBS, FOX, and ESPN television networks during his career. On radio, his distinctive voice and style has also been heard on major market stations such as WFAN (NY), WIP (Philadelphia) and KABC (LA).  He has also served as a radio news/sportscasters and correspondent for AP, NBC, ABC, CBS, ESPN, FOX, UPI, Reuters, BBC, CBC, Westwood One, and many other national and regional networks.

Berliner’s list of additional sports broadcasting accomplishments is as varied as it is impressive. He has performed play-by-play duties for NCAA football, NCAA hockey, NCAA basketball, the Miami Dolphins, Florida Marlins, University of Miami Football, Baseball and Basketball programs, the Motor Racing Network, Fort Lauderdale Strikers NASL Soccer, PGA and LPGA golf, the Pro Rodeo Tour, Lipton International Tennis Championships, powerboat racing events, professional men’s and women’s volleyball, and Arena Football.

Berliner is also a proud member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), having appeared in numerous feature films and broadcast commercials. Recent highlights of his acting career include a featured role in the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson film “The Game Plan”, and a featured role in the LeBron James/Nike “Training Day” commercial series. His unique vocal style is also heard in numerous radio commercials, documentary features as narrator, and voice characterizations for broadcast and industrial films.

Berliner is also a tireless activist and raises money for the ASPCA, the American Diabetes Association, the Make-A-Wish Foundation and other charities.

The Lady Shannon and their furry kids, Magnus and Bailey, are always waiting for his return home from the road with plenty of licks and thanks for his efforts.

Well, licks from Magnus and Bailey. Kisses from the Lady Shannon.

Frankly, it’s what makes everything worthwhile.