“Good Night & Good Luck”

The Insiders Guide to 21st Century Media

Ed Berliner, Guest & Keynote Speaker

What exactly is “fake news”? What is the truth behind the renaissance of our generation that has changed forever the way we not only ingest our information, but how it has altered the level of civility and respect we experience every day?

Most important, how does the media, fake and factual news affect your business, your personal image, and the leadership qualities we all must seek to present every day if we are to succeed?

Learn from one who has been on the inside of creating 6 broadcast networks, and has been a pioneer in the world of social media. 

Emmy Award winning broadcaster Ed Berliner brings it all to your event, your meeting, your stage and your audience. 

Media is now the juggernaut that is involved in every facet of our lives. Broadcast, social, print and global platforms, the media envelops every single person, every single business, every single move and motion of the local and global scene. 

Realize how the knowledge of what is real and what is actually “fake” news will change the reputation of you and your company in seconds. Learn how to make the media work for you in regard to leadership and image. Or simply seek to have the intimate knowledge of how the media works in order to be a more educated consumer of news and information. 

Emmy Award winning broadcaster, former network CEO, social media pioneer and author Ed Berliner will captivate your audience, engage their emotions and deliver an interactive performance unlike any other with the groundbreaking and revealing “Good Night and Good Luck: The Insider’s Guide to Truth vs. Fake News”. 

Each Keynote and Guest speaking appearance will be customized to your event & audience.

Content Covered Will:

Reveal how to tell real news from fake news
Reveal the “inner workings” of newsrooms
Explain the manipulation factors employed by fake news
Provide multimedia examples from current news events
Prove why the media likes it when you’re angry & enraged
Reveal how social media has led to a new American civil war
Show how social media manipulates public opinion
Reveal how every person & business can use all media to their advantage
Discuss how your media use can return civility & respect to conversations
Provide a return to solid leadership & personal image personally & professionally

SUGGESTED TITLES (Customized to Your Request):

  • Fact vs. Fiction: The 21st Century American Media
  • From Broadcast to Social: Using the Media to Our Advantage
  • Bulletproof Your Business Against Social Media Disasters
  • Returning Civility & Respect to Society Using the Often Toxic Media
  • Control the Message. Control the Media. Create a Superior Image. 

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Leverage Your Investment With Post Show Breakouts

Customized 1 on 1 and Group Sessions

Interactive breakout and workshop sessions pick up where keynote and general sessions leave off—they make learning stick.  By helping your audience get their “hands dirty” and by tapping the group’s internal expertise and industry experience, Ed will customize your breakout to fit the needs of the very people in the room.

Continuing Education with Video Tune-Ups

Individual and Group Sessions

Keynote presentations are sparks meant to ignite the flame; it’s the follow-up work that kindles strong ideas into a full-blown fire. Following up Ed’s keynote with short, entertaining and actionable video tips that consistently reinforce key learning keeps your investment working for you long after the stage lights have dimmed. Live and taped versions available for consistent and timely training. 

Reward Your VIP's with a Customized Roundtable

An Intimate Discussion of Targeted Concern

Successful organizations and conferences frequently reward their highest-value participants with a deeper level of service.  Because of the often private level of discussion necessary for C-Level managers and those in sensitive positions, many executives and VIPs appreciate discussing particulars with a select group of peers behind closed doors. The conversations that happen around Ed’s round tables are confidential, innovative and faced paced.

Provide Meaningful Takeaways to Reinforce Next Steps

Leadership, Image and Media Training Consistency

Many event professionals like to encourage work beyond the conference by providing further resources to their attendees. Ed provides a complete review of each session filled with actionable items and takeaways for every level of attendee. These critiques and “homework assignments” will leave attendees with a clear roadmap of next steps, and a tangible reminder of the meeting’s exceptional value.

Image Idea Absorption with Extended Q&A

If you really want your attendees to connect with the topics at hand, give them time to apply it to their own lives and jobs. In the hours after a keynote, the audience has a one-time opportunity to apply the general lessons of the presentation to the specific needs of their organization. Extended Q&A is the perfect vehicle for clarification, for customized application, and for sending the message that you care about them as individual. Extended Q&A often incorporates leaders from your organization who lend a supportive voice to the cultural changes you are seeking.

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  • “Unbiased, entertaining, filled to the brim with media examples. An educational performance perfect for every business”.    – Speeding Bullet North American Marketing Group.
  • “Every Non-profit organization needs and will benefit from Ed’s insight and training”.   – Orlando Senior Help Desk.
  • “No one so intimately and intelligently weaves together the current state of media and corporate leadership than Ed Berliner”.  – Corporate Marketing Sales & Leadership Council.
  • “An exceptionally thorough and insightful presentation on how international Embassies can increase their American media coverage”.   – International Embassy Media Affairs.
  • “Rips out the reality of the American media and everyone left with a new understanding of what is REALLY fake and what is factual news coverage”.   – Miami Media School.
  • “The perfect compliment to our C-Level Media Training combined with an overall sense of Image training for our North American staff”.   – Cybertech Integration Systems.