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203, 2021

Ensuring our Founding Fathers ideals fit 21st Century America

I don't believe all politicians to be evil, nor do I believe all of them to be saints. Finding fault with them all is easy. Finding hope has become the true mission, one that becomes harder every day with the spewing of rhetoric, propaganda, misinformation, lies and desires of the power mad amongst us. Hope can be found. All one has to do is read, or listen, to those words written so long ago. Then realize they have a power that is being suppressed and ignored by those who harbor no good will for all the people.

2402, 2021

American Inspiration: Quietly shattering Muslim hate

They are what America is supposed to be all about. They are the rich backbone of a country where very, very few are actually "from here". They are the soil from which a better country will grow and prosper long after we are gone. A mother, a father, and their two children. Trying to make their way in the world, provide a better life for themselves and their family in America. What could be more American, and more inspirational, than that?

2202, 2021

Kevin Mather: The latest poster boy for smart people saying dumb things. Oh, and you’re fired.

Kevin Mather, you're fired. Another supposedly intelligent individual with a high ranking position in a major corporation, this time a major league baseball team, makes us shake our heads yet again and wonder how someone of such reported intellect and savvy could be so stunningly foolish.

1802, 2021

Could Rush Limbaugh help America more in death than in life?

We must be honest with ourselves, and in our acceptance of fact. Legacies must be accepted in their totality, without fear or favor. In the instance of those who have cut a wide swath across society such as Rush Limbaugh, what they did and how they did it must make us think, consider, reconsider, be honest with ourselves, and then seek out our better natures.

1502, 2021

Parkland +3: A pandemic “saving grace”. Promises still broken. Political arrogance still reigns.

Parkland remains a strong and powerful rallying cry for those tirelessly seeking to change and repair a truly broken system of dishwater weak and loophole marred gun laws in America. Sadly, it is also a focal point for those who pound away that more guns on campus are needed, more people need to be weaponized, more confrontations and threats are the only thing that will save lives. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

1202, 2021

Disney did not fire Gina Carano from “The Mandalorian”. It’s obvious who did.

The House of Mouse could no longer fend off the shots being taken by Gina Carano. All of them were warranted, and the only way to survive this onslaught was to dispatch the renegade with all haste. Carano was not merely gone in a blink, she was blasted out of the Hollywood airlock with all prejudice. She had knowingly crossed the uncrossable line. Sure, she may be a talented actor, but she is quickly and easily replaced. Her powerful and influential agency dropped her like 10 day old meeting quiche. At 38 years of age, and with this on her dance card, Carano hopefully has saved her Disney paychecks. Those residuals won't last forever. As far as the business is concerned, she may as well take that walk on the plank and say hello to the Sarlaac.

902, 2021

“Mastering the Media”: Shock and awe clickbait headlines mask a lack of facts and context

In the battle against fake news, we must also be aware of what is misleading news and clickbait headlines. Case in point, the headline from atop the Newsmax website on February 9 2021, printed in red "emergency" letters for attention, hammering at the fact POTUS Joe Biden, in a "Power play", is firing the US Attorney's that were installed by former President Donald Trump. The intent of the story is true. What has been buried and sensationalized in the content, and the context, is our focal point.

802, 2021

The bills and lawsuits are coming due on FOX, OANN, Newsmax & friends.

The reaper is coming for the purveyors of fake news, and his scythe has been honed to a fine cutting edge thanks to those who dared to think they could escape his legal wrath.  FOX News, One America News Network, Newsmax and their propaganda touting brethren have all made fortunes by loading up audiences with misinformation, disinformation, bold-faced lies, rumored innuendo, and the use of shadowy or non-existent sources. Platforms such as The Gateway Pundit, PJ Media, Breitbart, The Epoch Times and others finally have something in common with the more noted players. They're all talking to lawyers and scrambling as if the lights were suddenly turned on and they have to find a dark corner.


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