The Art of Storytelling: Seek to Inspire Before You Seek to Lead

In his newest and most controversial speaking/educational set to date, Emmy Award winning news & sports broadcast journalist Ed Berliner shakes the very foundation of guest speakers and keynote educators by bringing his unique knack of storytelling to audiences, delivering a simple and powerful message.

One cannot lead without being inspired. 

Over more than 30 years, Ed has spoken at hundreds of events and before tens of thousands of people delivering a message of leadership. His speaking series, “The Undefeated Image” was based completely on brand image and leadership, educating everyone from C-Level Executives to the newest rookie hire about the hidden and often brazen nuances about leadership. 

One day, however, he found himself questioning the entire concept of teaching leadership. Certainly, we need more leaders. More people must understand how to break from their daily shell and lead themselves, and others, to greatness. Then, it struck like a bolt from the heavens. 

It is impossible to lead, in any sense, under any circumstance, with any amount of proper training, if one is not inspired. Inspiration is the key. It is what from the very beginning drives us to become something more than what we are, and can set us on course to lead others. Without being inspired first, understanding the lessons of inspiration, all else is lost. One may call themselves a leader in their personal and professional life, but if one comes to that conclusion without inspiration, better go back to the drawing board. 

Ed Berliner brings to every event a wealth of stories from the sports and news luminaries he has interviewed and come to know. He digs deep into the passionate stories from the world famous to the small town celebrity. No powerpoint. No graphics pages. No pie charts. Just passion and a call for everyone to come along for the ride and be inspired. 

It’s a ride you and your teams will never forget. 

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Ed Berliner: Speaker. Coach. Inspirational Education.