Ed Berliner: Sports/News Talk Radio


Joe Casale, Agent, Attorney & “Smartest Guy in the Room”: Idiot fans, sports gambling profits, and the “underrated” Drew Brees

John Fricke, Morning host on “The Score” in Atlanta & the best College Football Analyst anywhere: “Chaos” when Alabama loses, UM needs to rediscover their “thug” image, no dumping on Dan Quinn

Jay Busbee, “Yahoo Sports”: NASCAR’s incessant fiddling with the rules & losing some luster at the Daytona 500

Michael Chour, “The Sounds of Animals”: A life dedicated to saving dogs in SE Asia from the dog meat trade.

Emily Harney, Award winning boxing photographer: Training & stepping into the ring to raise money fighting cancer.

Peter Guralnick, Music critic and author: Aretha Franklin and the impact of soul music on America.

Commentator, “Speaking of Sports”, 940 WINZ Miami “The Sports Animal”

– The delusional conspiracy theorists claiming EVERY game is called in favor of the New England Patriots.

– Of course Rick Pitino lied. It’s part of the job description for a lot of big time college coaches.

– The College Football National Championship game will remain meaningless until the players are actually paid.

– Derek Jeter gets zero respect as co-Owner of the Miami Marlins because he hasn’t earned it.

– 5 minute “Sizzle Reel” of recent comments, quips, discussions and discourses.

“Speaking of Sports”: Syndicated Short form commentary

  • THE NFL, CTE head injuries, and the one critical question few are asking
  • ESPN makes the correct call in changing announcer assignment in Charlottesville
  • The American cancer that is OJ Simpson
  • 4th of July Special: Not ALL athletes are created equal, and that’s a GOOD thing

Guest Appearances

  • “Mile High Sports”, Denver CO: Time to put an end to the Summer Olympics
  • ESPN New Hampshire: The dysfunctional NFL franchise that is the Miami Dolphins
  • “The Keith Sims Show”: The greatest franchise con job in MLB history
  • MONTAGE: “Moments of Mirth” proving not everything in radio has to be serious


  • WTKK, Boston: Gun Control and the Constitution