Commercial Voiceover: “Ford F-150”.  Regional Auto Dealer.

“Mike Rowe” style, very friendly and informative.

Commercial Voiceover: “Home Depot”. National Campaign.

Excited and thrilled “Weekend Home Warrior”.

Commercial Voiceover: “Rocky Mountain Chevy”. Regional Auto Dealer.

Uppity spokesman transforms to “Wildman” character and back.

Commercial Voiceover: “Bacardi Rum: Centuries”. Global Marketing Campaign.

Friendly, informative and steady.

Commercial Voiceover: “Southwest Lexus”. Regional Auto Dealer.

Friendly snob, unpretentious and friendly.

Commercial Voiceover: “Pacific Blue Equity”. National Insurance Agency Campaign.

Exasperated consumer.

Commercial Voiceover: “Bugaboo Creek”. National Restaurant Chain Campaign.

Grizzled western prospector character.

Commercial Voiceover: “David Calderone”. Political election campaign.

Low, raspy and accusatory.


Documentary Narration: “All That Glitters”. Las Vegas documentary.

“Wise guy” character.

Documentary Narration: “NASCAR: The American Sport”.

Excited sportscaster style.

Documentary Narration: “NASA: Ideas in Motion”.

Steady, low informative tone.


Character Voices: Dialects, accents, cartoon characters and more.