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NETWORK TV: “CBS This Morning: John Legend”

MEDICAL DOCUMENTARY: “American Health Care”

GLOBAL CONFERENCE: “Singapore Sessions”

SPORTS DOCUMENTARY: NBC/Comcast Red Sox “Band of Idiots”


CONSUMER MARKETING & PR:”The Titanic Experience”







2 Minute Read: No bones about it, we’re the best there is at what we do.

While the bulk of what we do is virtual, the need still exists for excellence in the field. If it’s a definitive need for a studio, we hire them “fully equipped” as needed from dozens of companies we’ve worked with for years, including local television stations. In this manner, we pick and choose the best price, the most conveniently located facility with the best crew, and therefore have no studio overhead to pass on.

When the need arises to put together a solid “field team”, we know where every seasoned professional is in the contiguous 48 States and Canada. There are more excellent freelance videographers, film specialists, audio technicians, set designers, graphic designers, web designers and costume designers than ever before, and we negotiate the best rate for them and our client every time. Again, there’s that “no overhead” item.

We hand pick every team to fit the project. We hand pick the specific gear for every shoot. And 99% of the time our specialists all come with their own gear as part of the package. When we need something special, we rent it. There are plenty of rental houses fighting for business and they will negotiate a fair price. We get that fair price and pass the savings on to our clients.

Again, “no overhead”.

We’ve worked with the most dedicated casting directors across America and know where to find the best actors, hosts, voice-over performers, narrators, writers and even jugglers. Every company knows these professionals. We just understand how to make them fit into a project better than most because our CEO is an Emmy Award winner, a Screen Actors Guild member, and one of the most prolific voice-over performers in America.

Most of our clients prefer to remain private in order to keep a competitive edge, so we don’t toss around names and businesses without their permission. That’s why they keep hiring us. We’re their “secret weapon”.

Oh, and one last thing about the people we employ. These are seasoned, award winning professionals. From the camera grip to the makeup artist. From the sound tech to the documentary filmmaker. From the 1 and 2 man video crews to the Directors and Producers. These are people dedicated to their craft, not to a company bottom line. They’re honest, hard working, and hand picked. We don’t use anyone who believes in less than exceptional service.

Now, meet the “3 Guys” in charge. Great friends that have worked with each other under some difficult circumstances for some chaotic management, yet kept their sense of humor and professionalism in order to work together and get it right.

Ed Berliner: Entourage Media CEO, Host, Author, Music Man & Proud Fur Daddy

With decades as a multiple Emmy Award nominee and winner, Ed has seen it all from doing a live sports report while playing water volleyball with NFL players for charity, (and being admonished by management for not wearing a tee shirt), to being part of the production management and on-air Anchor/Reporter/Host and Program Management at 7 start-up cable networks. He’s called almost every imaginable sport, conducted thousands of interviews with everyone from the first man to climb Mt. Everest to Presidential candidates who weren’t quite ready for his line of questioning, and having arrived in Boston to host a live nightly sports talk show takes partial credit for being the “lucky charm” necessary for the Red Sox to break “The Curse of the Bambino”. His voice is heard on thousands of commercials and narrations, and he’s often chosen to be the on-camera host for our productions because he hates doing more than one take and he still has a full head of hair. Learn more about him by perusing the other pages on this website, and feel free to say great things about Norwegian Elkhounds and Beagles. “Magnus” and “Bailey” will suggest a price break in lieu of biscuits.

Gary Schiege: Chief Videographer, Master Editor & Grateful Dead Devotee

Tall, handsome, yet shy when it comes to writing his own bio, Gary is most proud after more than 25 years in the broadcast industry to characterize his talents as only being “overshadowed by his good looks”. Then again, the only thing that overshadows his looks is his expertise behind the camera and in the edit suite. An Emmy Award winner for his work on coverage of the Columbine tragedy, Gary’s unique post production skills have come to the fore on “Dateline NBC”, “20/20”, “Inside Edition” and many other nationally syndicated shows. His familiarity with the specific types of cameras and shots needed for every specific production is unmatched, and his imagination in the editing suite makes for less wasted time and a fast turnaround for projects. 

Greg Kenney: Production Mng., Sr. Director & Rumored Adoptee of Ben Hogan

Characterized by those who have worked with him using words such as “brilliant”, “patient”, “knowledgeable” and most often “irascible”, no one knows what it takes to bring together a perfectly meshed crew and get more out of less on the equipment side than Greg. He’s been on the front lines of television production from live network programs, live Presidential debates, being forced to endure on-camera hosts that couldn’t read their own actual name even when it was right there in front of them on the teleprompter, and managing diverse teams of young and seasoned professionals turning them into a control room crew that never got up from their chair for hours thanks to his leadership. Operations Manager and Senior Director for major market affiliates, the man who single-handedly kept a start-up news network from going dark by coaxing more out of outdated equipment than anyone could imagine in his role as the Sr. Director of Broadcast Operations. Greg hand picks every crew and weeds out the posers, thus ensuring professionalism from top to bottom. He is still trying to figure out how to do everything via virtual reality while playing at least 36 holes of golf every day. The man is good, and we don’t suggest you play him for real money.

Drop us a line at fuzzydogsproductions@gmail.com or call (954) 828-2250 to get the ball rolling. 

When the job calls for remote video, studio productions, a steady management hand in a media world forever changed by COVID-19, let us bring your idea to reality. For an affordable price without all the unnecessary bells and whistles.

And have some fun in the process.