ZOOM has become all the rage for virtual meetings, due in large part to COVID-19 and how business was forced to make social distancing changes. Certainly, ZOOM and the other meeting platforms serve a purpose, but as we learned from the recent gaffe pulled by members of the Oakley (CA) School Board, use of these services and software can be disastrous.

Social and broadcast media are unforgiving, and once the error-filled genie is out of the bottle, there is no amount of apologizing that will remove the permanent stain. 

No one will ever forget what was said. Ever. The internet is unforgiving. Reputations are sullied. Careers are destroyed. Future employment is in doubt. Worst of all, you get to be the butt of jokes forever. 

This cost every single member of the School Board their positions. Because they assumed nothing could go wrong on ZOOM, they’re finished.

Makes no matter if it’s an individual or a business or any size, the economic damage can be as substantial as that to a reputation. 

ZOOM and other platforms are for personal use, and should not be trusted with critical meetings, presentations, virtual conferences, or anything that needs a higher level of professionalism and production. 

That’s where Entourage Media enters the picture, as the only agency featuring the “Virtual Master Control”.

Don’t make the mistakes so many others have allowed by leaving your virtual transmission and production to mere chance. Put a professional behind the production, and ensure the Internet the Internet doesn’t remember you for foolish mistakes. 

Contact us at Entourage Media today for a live demonstration and tour of the “Virtual Master Control”.