There is nothing more pervasive, invasive, positively and negatively influential in our 21st century society today than what is collectively referred to as “the media”. However, far too often, the word “media” is misused and incorrectly separated only into categories of “real news” and “fake news”.

The media in our society is much more, and not understanding the differences and nuances of what exactly the media is can cost organizations millions, mean a loss of livelihood for individuals, and while improving the image and reputation of some, can be a career ender for others.

Armed with three decades of social, broadcast and creative media experience, being a pioneer in the integration of social media with it’s broadcast, marketing, sales and public relations counterparts, Ed Berliner delivers a powerful and in-depth foray into what every individual needs to know about the media impact on their lives.

Mastering the Media is an exclusive keynote and educational program that cuts thru the biased noise, uses current and real life social and broadcast a examples to deal in facts, and proves how the media impacts every life, every day.

Learn the difference between what is honest news reporting and the “clickbait media”, the most in-depth and unbiased discussion of real news vs. fake news.

  • Understand how five minutes can mean the difference between being fooled by false information and becoming a purveyor of the truth.
  • Explore the influential part social media plays in your personal and professional lives, and how one mistake can derail a career forever. Know exactly what employers and potential clients are looking for when they view your social media.
  • Uncover the manner in which every form of media seeks to influence your decisions and opinions to their way of thinking, including how to tell when you’re being trolled by trolls and out of country “bad actors”. Learn the reality of news bias at every level. 
  • Learn the tricks to using social media for our advantage, improving your image and reputation in the eyes of colleagues, friends and potential employers. 
  • Use broadcast and social media to your marketing and public relations advantage by receiving a level of media training once available only to CEO’s and corporate executives. 
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  • Pre-Event Customized Video Features & Promotions for use in your Marketing.
  • Pre-Event Media Appearances for your In-House or Regional/National Media Sales & Marketing.
  • Integrating Ed’s and your Social Media for Promotion, Sales & Marketing.
  • Providing Customized Content for Pre-Event Sales Promotions & Packages.
  • Personal Appeals to those Critical Individuals & Groups for Your Event.
  • Podcast Features with Your C-Level Management Syndicated on Ed’s Platforms.
  • Informational Podcast Features for Syndicated, Sales & Marketing Pre and Post Event.
  • Post-Event Edited Video Features and Interviews Recorded On-Site.
  • Download Availability of your Entire Event Unedited & Edited for Content and Time.
  • Integration of Recorded Event Material with Your Produced Material for Teaching Module Marketing.
  • Ed will be the Emcee for Special Events as part of your Complete Event Package.

Mastering the Media is the only consulting, educational course and keynote speech taught by one who has not only been there,
but has no fear of bringing you into the fold as an expert.

Leave nothing to chance.

Master the media and ensure the media does not master you.

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