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The key is what we call BMI: BRAND, MEDIA, INSPIRATION.

At Entourage Media, we bring more than 60 years combined experience in college and high school sports to your service. We have worked with, and still communicate with every day, University Presidents, Athletic Directors, Coaches, Professional Scouts, Major Market & National Advertising Agencies, Broadcast Networks and Talent Agents. 

Most important, we work with and understand what prospective sponsors want to see and hear. We work with social and broadcast media outlets to assist with guest bookings and story-telling. We are experienced in the negotiation and execution of sponsorship contracts at every level of media.

We work with player agents and those negotiating with teams and leagues, providing an intimate understanding and production ability for every marketing, public relations and sales requirement. As members of the Screen Actors Guild, the Actors Equity Association, AFTRA, and with decades of network television experience, we understand and specialize in making every facet of the media work for you. 

Ensure that your message, your BRAND, is irreproachable and the perfect representation of who you are, what you mean to future employers, and what you bring to sponsors on every media plane.

Your Brand, your Image, and Your Likeness is our responsibility. No one does it better. 

Produce original virtual & On-site social media content.

Distribute content to every desired platform, “live” or pre-recorded.

Oversee & manage all content to ensure positive reaction.

Integrate content with your social media platforms.

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We introduce and negotiate with potential sponsors.

We conduct sponsor contract negotiations and resolutions.

We become your 24/7 liason with sponsors and endorsements.

We manage every facet of your sponsorship engagement.

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Full service Media Training for Client & Family.

Full service Media Intervention & Representation.

On-Call 24/7 Media & Appearance Crisis Services. 

Agent Representation for Media Appearances & Guest Bookings.

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On-Site Management & Representation for Events. 

Concierge Transportation Booking Services (where applicable).

Complete Ground Transportation Ground Services (where applicable).

Family Coordination Travel Services (where applicable).

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Charity & Non-Profit Appearance & Support Services. 

NDA & Privacy Agreement for All Client Services. 

Representation & Negotiation services with schools/universities.

Communication & Management with coaching staffs. 

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