I am a broadcaster. Have been for decades. I am proud of my teachings, the people I have learned from, the manner with which I purport myself as a journalist, one who, while certainly having opinions and hosting shows with plenty of those, stands firmly in the idea of fact being used to issue reports and commentary.
Five years ago, I wrote these words on a social media post.
“Those who walk in the light of truth need never be concerned about stumbling in the dark of ignorance.”
It is with that backdrop I am urged once again to point out why a good portion of America, and the world, do not trust the legitimate press. Certainly, there is no reason to trust the clickbait media. But when we have outlets, Internet OTT channels especially, that call themselves “news networks” and are, without question, purveyors of lies and propaganda, it falls to those like me who embrace our profession and fight like Hell to reveal them, point to them, seek to destroy them for their putrid propaganda.
One America News Network is neither news nor a network. This is the most tragically laughable instance I have witnessed in a very long time, and will stand on my push to call them out in seeking to minimize their damage.
Places such as OANN, Newsmax, Breitbart, The Blaze and others are the bottom feeding level of misinformation that has driven a wedge into America.
I’m not telling anyone how to practice their politics, and I will stand for everyone making choices. But the ceaseless prattle of these entities should teach us all a lesson in truth, honor, personal brand, and being more concerned for those around us than just ourselves.