Content is key in every form of social, broadcast, and website marketing/public relations. Nothing cuts thru the noise and sets your brand apart than network-quality programming.

We are your outsource “Master Control” for producing your audio podcast and your video webcast. An originator of social media broadcast integration and backed by more than 100 years of combined social media marketing experience, we take the reins of podcast and webcast offering turnkey production packages tailored to your specific needs.

This is not “one size fits all”. This is “the one size fits your brand”, and our expertise saves you money, time, and delivers across the media spectrum.

Cut thru the noise, and make some of your own.



Promote Your Brand & Message on

“The Man in the Arena”

Review the Authors, Non-Profits, Entertainers, Lawyers, Medical Experts, Think Tanks and Social/News/Sports Experts increasing their brand awareness and PR with our programming. 

Hard News & Issues PR/Marketing Platform on

“The Hard Line”

Noted politicians, political experts, international leaders, intelligence analysts, “think tank” experts and more

taking social & broadcast media by storm.




Let’s Take this Dog for a Walk, Shall We?

  • Cost-effective, outsourced production saving you money and time.
  • Management of the entire project from your concept to distribution.
  • Public Relations, Media Relations, Marketing & Advertising Sales support.
  • Cooperation with your in-house marketing & PR or we become your outsourced management.
  • Video shows simultaneously LIVE on You Tube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.
  • All shows post-produced for uploading to maximum exposure selected platforms.
  • Placement, uploading & syndication to all necessary social & broadcast outlets.
  • Pre and Post-Production including all graphics, video, audio and elements.
  • Shows hosted by your talent or we supply a veteran broadcast host.
  • Booking guests when requested and necessary.
  • Technical support for broadcast & studio elements at your location.
  • Cooperation with your web designers for inclusion of elements on your sites.
  • Media training and coaching to prepare you for promotion as expert & analyst on broadcast & social media shows.
2 Minute Read: No bones about it, we’re the best there is at what we do.


  • Master control from our studios. You and your guests never leave home, office or location.
  • No expensive remote studios. No additional installed transmission save for standard Internet lines.
  • Entourage private protected server means no software download & no possibility of hacking or interruption. 
  • Shows of any length with a recommended minimum of 30 minutes for maximum download exposure.
  • Uploading and placement on all or specific podcast platforms (ITunes, Spotify, IHeart, etc).
  • Solo or multiple guests with your host or ours from Master Control with royalty-free music.
  • Post-production editing of final product and editing of promotional clips for use in social media.


  • Master control from our studios. You and your guests never leave home, office or location.
  • No expensive remote studios. No remote camera crews or satellite transmission. Standard Internet lines used.
  • No use of Skype, ZOOM or any other software. All guests into our private Virtual Studio at no expense.
  • Exclusive integration of ZOOM, MSTeams, ON24 and any other meeting platform into a seamless “hands off” production. 
  • Purchase, installation and training of studio equipment including audio, lighting & background.
  • Shows of any length with recommend minimum of 30 minutes for maximum viewing clicks and download.
  • Custom graphics including lower thirds, full screens and pictures. Custom animations available.
  • Stock or your video footage, relative news footage with rights fee consideration, stock music and graphics available.
  • Post-production editing for “preview” and “teaser” segments to be used on social media.
  • Training and coaching of your hosts and/or representatives for best show presentation and guest booking as analysts.

Spark some new ideas. Don’t wait to act on them. Pick up a phone and call us to fill in all the answers and get started right away. Some productions can begin within 24 hours.

We’re that good at what we do.

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