Colton Herta is one of the most talked about racers in the world at this moment, a young star on the IndyCar circuit and already being tabbed as the best bet for America when it comes to star power in the Formula 1 seat. McLaren believes in him, and so do countless others. But Herta remains rather unimpressed at the moment, choosing to let someone else handle those details and rumors. We’ll wager you already know who that someone is. Join us for an exclusive 1 on 1 with the youngest driver to ever win an IndyCar event, and hear his candid responses to what has missed in the 2022 season, what he thinks of the issues regarding an F1 “super license”, and what happened to the cash winnings as detailed by those big cardboard checks mounted in his office. All exclusive from “Full Throttle Powered by Race for RP”. with every episode streamed on YouTube at and available at the RP Foundation website and across social media. Produced by Fuzzy Dogs Productions/Entourage Management LLC.