At Entourage Media, we have ensured our clients thrive, utilizing our decades of experience

knowing the difference between these three key disciplines.

MEDIA RELATIONS: Experts at understanding what social and broadcast media want from you in order for you to be booked as guests, experts, analysts and commentators on their shows and on their pages. Utilizing those decades of experience to speak their language, getting right to the point of what will get you, your product, your brand and your message on their platform. Preparing you for every performance. Managing your appearance schedule. Ensuring every facet of your message is prepared for a media presentation on local channels or around the world. Putting to use our thousands of contacts at channels, networks, websites, publications, conventions and every facet of media that will benefit you.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: Experts at knowing how to take your message and properly reach the general and targeted public. Producing exclusive media content that will resonate with the consumer, and thus relate to what they seek in a product and message. Continuing our deep research into public patterns of engagement, purchasing, advertising and brand acceptance. Ensuring a consistently positive relationship between you and the general public. Working alongside you to craft, improve and sustain your image and that of your brand and product in an ever-changing media landscape. Convincing an audience to promote your idea, purchase your product, support your position and recognize your accomplishments. Create your narrative. Tell your story. 

MEDIA MARKETING: Conceptualize and implement a plan for social, broadcast and other forms of media that will engage customers, build strong customer and consumer relationships, and create value for the customer while managing your need for distribution and profitability. Use every form of the media to your advantage. Producing and distribute valuable video and audio content programming to support every marketing objective. Deliver and oversee the comprehensive plan that will incorporate and anticipate your every need in reaching those clients and consumers. Visualize with imagination, based on research, the needs, wants and demands of your target audience, and then delivering results with unmatched media accompaniment. 

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Public/Media Relations. Corporate & Individual Marketing. Agent Representation.

Representing Politicians, Ambassadors, Non-Profit organizations seeking donors and sponsors, Entertainers, Athletes, Law Enforcement, Authors and more.

Representing the medical community, featuring physicians, specialists, researchers and those with marketable expertise to the general public and the media. 

Representing legal professionals with a solo practice, large legal firms seeking to integrate their marketing, focused legal experts and those seeking a higher media presence. 

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