This is a hard and controversial lesson that needs to be brought into the open. Plenty of people will be enraged at this story, hopefully all for the right reasons.

And when I speak to groups seeking to learn from the mistakes of others about forever destroying any semblance of integrity, especially younger audiences, you better believe this is going to be front and center.

This is the story of Breana Harmon Talbott, an 18 year old young woman from Texas. Once upon a time, incidents such as this were only known to a few, buried deep by some people to avoid the shame. Now, in our social media world, there is no hiding for her. Talbott will forever be known as a stunningly cruel and evil minded individual who simply can not be trusted.

Not when she single-handedly creates an incident centered around vile racism. Stokes the fires of racial hate and fear. Brings out the worst in people. Puts an entire community on edge. And in the process reveals much about a faction of our current society who also voluntarily and permanently marks themselves as hate-filled people with no integrity. No honor. No shred of image anyone should ever seek to emulate.

Breana Talbott will forever be known as the young woman who cried “rape”, claiming 3 “black men” sexually assaulted her behind a church.

Every word a lie.

More detail on the story and the circumstances.

Of course, it did not take long for the story to make it on the other side of the Atlantic in much more detail.

What Talbott did is despicable. In order to apparently “protect her reputation” as a “good girl”, she reached into the depths of stark racial hate and set not only a community, but the Internet and innocent people around the world, on fire.

After her claim went viral, before a single investigative note had been taken, and without any corroborating evidence, out came the vile hatred that seems far too frequent in our lives. Those who took the bait and proved to everyone their own lack of integrity, and what they seek their image to stand for.


There were plenty of those scattered around the Internet. And it needs to be pointed out no one knows what the real intent of the site author is, what if any political Party they represent, and whether this has anything to do any belief. Sites such as these are created with “clickbait” names, often populated with vile hate in the form of news and news items with no balance or truth whatsoever. They are created to foment hate and draw out the worst in people. Falling for them means YOUR name may be printed in the “Comments” section, which means friends, colleagues and perhaps employers will be able to read and pass their own judgement.

Don’t fall for these trolls. Don’t walk away from this discussion believing these dealers in hate stand for anything or anyone save themselves. They have no integrity and should be tossed in the mental dumpster fire of history.

What also needs to be discussed is not just the reprehensible web sites that seek to make money and a level of fame from such hate, but those who use Twitter to perpetuate such racist evil.

The one that got my attention was included in several news stories about Talbott’s admission from a man named Philip Schuyler. “He” (or she) is an alleged author using the same name as a general in the American Revolution who would likely not enjoy being connected with such a person who, like so many others, doesn’t feel the need to wait for something as inconsequential as evidence. I doubt it’s his real name or real picture, as the Internet has grown it’s own special breed of cowards.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for an apology from this slice of human excrement.

Learn from this.

Understand that lies have consequences and will shatter any integrity you have or hope to have. Fabricating stories that involve others, and never forget the obvious racist overtones, leave a lasting legacy of damage to others who don’t deserve to be part of such deception.

Don’t allow your integrity, your image, to be swayed by or connected with such despicable fraud. If you react on social media, there is an excellent chance you will be uncovered sooner or later.

Twitter posts live forever. I have a copy of this tweet as millions of others likely do. Even if deleted, it is evidence of someone who has embraced an image of knee jerk hate. While he (or she) may be comfortable with that, you don’t want any part of it.

Breana Talbott has a long life ahead of her. Some will undoubtedly seek to give her a second chance because of her age, citing we all make mistakes and we all should be allowed forgiveness.

That is not the point.

No matter the forgiveness, no matter how much she might apologize, and no matter what she does for the rest of her life to make up for this error in judgement, she will forever be know and historically categorized as the girl who thought she could get away with claiming she was raped by black men to cover her lies. She will forever be marked by those who every day fight the good fight against sexual abuse, and will tell you that every time someone lies in this fashion, it sets their efforts back. Rest assured there are many who have read this story and are wondering how many more lie when they claim sexual abuse.

She’s not the first to do this. Unfortunately, she won’t be the last.

If only she remembered what most kids are taught when they’re much younger, and which sadly needs to be repeated so often in our personal and professional lives.

Don’t lie. Don’t take a chance on damaging your image and integrity at any age. Take responsibility for your actions without fail.

Or you will fail yourself. And the permanent branding for the failure is your fault.

Enjoy living with it.