The reaper is coming for the purveyors of fake news, and his scythe has been honed to a fine cutting edge thanks to those who dared to think they could escape his legal wrath. 

FOX News, One America News Network, Newsmax and their propaganda touting brethren have all made fortunes by loading up audiences with misinformation, disinformation, bold-faced lies, rumored innuendo, and the use of shadowy or non-existent sources. Platforms such as The Gateway Pundit, PJ Media, Breitbart, The Epoch Times and others finally have something in common with the more noted players. 

They’re all talking to lawyers and scrambling as if the lights were suddenly turned on and they have to find a dark corner. Thing is, what they themselves have wrought in following the lead of screeching false prophets is not going to scurry away. It is all well recorded on video downloads, audio files, screen shots and, most importantly, social media postings. There will be no escape. No amount of indignation from their followers will sway the facts. No apologies, mea culpas or disclaimers will stop the hammer from falling. 

Save for FOX News, which is at random times a true news reporting organization, all the rest are news posers. All of them trade on multiple talking head panelist events filled with biased opinionators who are there for just one thing. 

A debut, or continuance, of their 15 minutes of fame. Hawking a podcast. Driving people to click that website. Glorify them in a social media acid bath of deification. 

Money. Plain and simple. 

Hope they saved some of those checks. They’re going to need it. 

There are currently 2.7 billion reasons why the suits at FOX are boot shaking at a rate they will never admit. That’s the number of dollars the Smartmatic voting technology company is seeking from the admittedly right-wing biased network for the manner with which they used every unproven opinion and smear tactic they could think of to blame someone, anyone else, for Donald Trump’s defeat in the 2020 Presidential election. Nightly, the cacophony of shrills would echo forth into the broadcast night, weaving fabricated tales and nonsensical conspiracies which had all the earmarks of inter-office coordination and with the approval of sales, marketing, and those who make their living placing ads and products on the FOX channels. 

Paid yakkers Lou Dobbs, Maria Bartiromo and Jeanine Pirro nightly, and with great relish, presented an obvious orchestrated symphony of slander and subterfuge designed to derisively deflect from any truth. Eager co-conspirators Rudy Giuliani, Sydney Powell and those who sought a rise to the their level of infamy wagged their heads and tongues in trained unison, all believing there would be no snapbacks for such actions. “FREE SPEECH!”, they and their sycophantic followers would bellow. They were convinced that as part of the “news media”, (which of course they are not by any stretch of imagination), they could skate across the frozen waters of fraud and would be protected by the First Amendment and their all powerful corporate employer. 

They comically also believed that once the rat had been allowed to escape, they could make nice and escape the traps by delivering what has to rate as the most insincere and scripted set of apologies since Richard Nixon and his apologists tried to make him look like a sympathetic figure who was merely “doing what he thought was right for the country”. 

Nixon’s public “humbling” remains the stuff of a two-drink minimum and cover charge. However, it still ranks as more entertaining than anything Dobbs and Pirro delivered after being told by FOX suits to get out there and swallow their egos to admit they were wro……….they were wro……..they were….you know, that thing Arthur Fonzarelli had trouble admitting. 

For pure showmanship and humiliation though, nothing was more interesting than watching as Newsmax, owned and micro-manage directed by a neighbor of Donald Trump’s in Chris Ruddy, self-immolate to the point where not even what miniscule amount of news “integrity” they had was reduced to the same material left of Thanos and the bad guys when Tony Stark snapped his custom made gloved fingers aided by the Infinity Stones. 

Nothing ever hurts a good commentary than invoking the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Back to reality. 

Point of order. All of these D grade actors forgot something in their zeal to be viewed as pundit pontificators. 

Free speech is not free, as there are always consequences. In this case, the consequence is being held responsible for destroying a legitimate corporation, doing it’s job legally and ethically, responsible for the employment lives of more than 600 people, all of whom are held to laudable high standards. 

Provable high standards. 

In response to the myriad of lies perpetrated by those who may soon be seeking employment elsewhere, following disinformation doyennes such as Lou Dobbs out the door, here’s just a sampling of what these hawkers and their teams of mighty researchers missed. 

Smartmatic never was, and never has been, part of then Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s election team.

Smartmatic does not, nor ever has owned, Dominion voting systems. The two companies are, however, both involved in legal action against these various venomous entities.

There is absolutely no proof whatsoever that George Soros, the focal point of so many conspiracies that one might think he himself was there scheming the Crucifixion, has ever owned or been involved at any level with Smartmatic. 

Each and every factual point didn’t just magically appear recently. They’ve been available to check, double check, and have written on the inside of producers and yakkers eyelids for years. 

Available for review by anyone. Everyone. 

Especially by those who claim to be part of legitimate news coverage. 

They claim to be. They are, of course, anything but. In the realm of honest and hardworking journalism, these are the outlets that would not even rate as textual gum to be scraped from the public sidewalk. 

Now, as noted at the beginning, the bills are coming due. 

While not an earth-shattering sum, One America News (OANN), has been ordered to cough up a quarter of a million dollars to MSNBC and host Rachel Maddow over a lawsuit filed by OANN that was tossed out of court so quickly and efficiently, it was as if the last keystroke had barely been heard on the originating document before it was bagged by the courts.

Pocket change for the conspiratorial breathing OANN Herring Family ownership. None the less, it does set a new standard, and a lawsuit bar from which many others will take their cues. 

In the case of OANN, these whip smart tacticians decided that even in the face of lawyers lathering up for what will be massive paydays, they would still broadcast the “documentary”, (which should be better labeled a mockumentary), from the bank account of “My Pillow” founder and obvious Area 51 survivor Mike Lindell. This soon to be classic piece of “cinema verite” is, without question, the ultimate chock-filled conspiratorial pin up of recent times, even surpassing the complete nonsense and laughable conclusions of the 9/11 satire for tin hat wearers, “Loose Change”. 

OANN, in what one can only guess was an attempt to launch a sequel to “Idiocracy”, figured that by slapping a disclaimer on the end of this homage to 10 year old filmmakers would keep the lawyers at bay.

What it did was thrust those barristers into a frothing at the mouth feeding frenzy. This was akin to OANN announcing they were in the Conservatory, with the gun, the knife, the flaming candle and a Law’s rocket directed at themselves, replete with pictures, animations, glossy reprints, actual video, video with performers, expert hand drawing, pictures in crayon, audio clippings, and setting off fireworks lighting the sky with “HERE WE ARE!!!!” in quotes that could be read from the Voyager spacecraft somewhere in the celestial void. 

More lawsuits will abound. More careers will thankfully be ended. More law firms will be able to purchase private islands in the Seychelles. 

All because these are not news network. They are not legitimate news outlets, platforms, websites, newsletters, tattoos on foreheads or handbills being used as birdcage fodder. 

They’re all mere purveyors of propaganda for profit, sucking in the easily duped and then cashing in. 

Now, the time has come to cash them out. 

Someone once remarked how tough it is to root for lawyers. 

Not this time. 

Sic ’em.