“The Fastest Show in Sports” has been Ed Berliner’s broadcast trademark for more than 30 years. From network and cable television to syndicated radio, no program has consistently delivered a more diverse, exciting, entertaining and controversial measure of all things sports. With more than 10,000 interviews to his credit, Ed welcomes in notable and newsworthy figures along every walk of athletic life, from League Commissioners and star athletes to young up and comers busting their tails to become superstars. “The Fastest Show in Sports” is syndicated globally on all the major audio podcast platforms, and is always looking for bones to pick, stories to tell and controversies to settle. Tune up, settle in, and don’t take your attention away from one single word, because every word means something and every interview starts a new conversation. Pedal down for another non-stop conversation turning sports on it’s ear. This is Ed Berliner and “The Fastest Show in Sports”.